ArchaeoPreslav is an archaeological project started in 2019 in Veliki Preslav from the archaeologists Maria Manolova-Voykova and Peter Dimitrov.

The site is situated in the skirts of Stara Planina Mountain. It is one of the biggest mediaeval European cities with a strong influence over the culture of the whole Balkans.

To study the early medieval Bulgarian capitals on site is the dream of everyone fascinated by Early Middle Ages archaeology.

Veliki Preslav stands out as the apogee of the so-called phenomenon of the Old Bulgarian culture, the Capital of the Bulgarian Golden Age. The site could be considered an archaeological coffer containing a huge amount of information about Bulgaria’s ancient history.

ArchaeoPreslav is a long-term project continuing the research of the Rulersʼs Church, which began in the late 90s of the last century. 

The site is distinguished by its extremely high concentration of artifacts of various origin and chronology. It gives the opportunity to investigate different types of archaeological structures at one and the same place – monumental stone architecture, common residential stone or wooden architecture, houses and workshops dug into the ground, graves of the necropolis, various types of structures connected with workshop and home activities, such as kilns, limekilns, pits, etc.

Among time, the methodology of field survey was developed according to the specifics of the site in order to extract and preserve as many informations as possible about this side of the Royal Complex of Veliki Preslav. 

The main goal of the field survey is  to reconstruct everyday life and architecture of the second Bulgarian capital through detailed documentation. 

As one of the most prominent mediaeval urban centers in Europe, Veliki Preslav has a long-lasting history of archaeological research.

Since 2019 we engage with over 50 students and young professionals in the field of archeology and restoration from all over Europe.

The site has become an attractive center for annual summer training. Every young person interested in joining our project will be trained in work by a well experienced and qualified team of professionals, according to their personal interests, skills and experience.

The scientific team of the excavation is ready to share their experience and train students in specific technical and professional skills related to archaeological research.

The Team

Mariya Manolova-Voykova

Scientific Director

Peter Dimitrov

Scientific Director

Pepa Peneva

Volunteer Development and Engagement

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