two female archaeologists passing each other some pottery prof the excavation field

In the last few years our annual summer trainings have collected a huge success among students and young professionals from all over Europe. Over than fifty volunteers invested their time to help Archaeopreslav during the last archaeological campaigns.

With Archaeopreslav, students and young professionals will be integrated within a well experienced in field excavations team.

They will be trained in work with geodetic instruments; laying a plan-square grid; use of a metal detector; primary registration and documentation of finds; recording, photo-documentation and graphic documentation of archaeological structures and situations, statistical processing and analysis of the excavated archaeological material, etc.

The activities in which the students and young professionals will be involved will respond to their personal interests, skills and experience.

Archaeopreslav understands the key role youth play within developing fields as archaeology and offers rewarding ways to get involved with our activities at an early stage of their career

Our present volunteers represent a wide range of ages and experience, but all share an interest in archaeology / heritage and a wish to help us preserve the past for the future.

Everyone who is interested in Bulgarian and medieval archaeology is welcome to join us. We offer two different programs: find the one that meets your needs most and become an active part in the discovery and conservation of the Bulgarian history and culture.

Have you got a passion for archaeology? Would you love to support the Archaeopreslav's project?
Erasmus +
Are you an European citizen between 18 and 30 years old? Are you a student/early professional involved in the archaeology and heritage field?
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