“I have to confess that my first seasons in Veliki Preslav were to a great extend uncertain and full of hesitation. Being fascinated by the elite Byzantine culture I was prejudiced about Preslavʼs archeology, especially in its later periods. Over time, I gradually realized that the excavations in Preslav provide the unique opportunity to trace the changes that occur in daily life of people as a result of political events and cataclysms; to identify the sources of influences – cultural or economic, which modify the mediaeval culture in a relatively large chronological period. From this point of view, I was equally attracted by both the glamorous Metropolitan Architecture, and the modest dugouts and workshops of the Post-capital period of Veliki Preslav. And last but not least, here I got the opportunity to work in a brilliant scientific team that showed tolerance to specific research interests of each of us.”

D-r Mariya Manolova-Voykova

D-r Mariya Manolova Voykova graduated from Sofia University in 1996 and accepted her PhD in the field of Archaeology from the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Science in 2001. She specialized in Byzantine archeology at the Institute of Byzantine Studies in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Manolova-Voykova has an extensive teaching experience as a lecturer at Varna Free University and Shumen University. Currently she is the Head of Archaeology department of Varna Regional Museum of History.

Scientific interests
  • Medieval pottery;
  • Byzantine and Bulgarian mediaeval everyday culture;
  • Dynamics of development and changes in urban life during the period of 10th – 14th centuries.
Field Experiences

Scientific director of regular and rescue excavations of Antique and Mediaeval towns along the Black sea coast.

In 1997 she joined the archaeological team of Veliki Preslav.

Since 2014 is a Scientific Director of the excavations of the site “Ruler’s Church and Necropolis” in the Palace Center of Veliki Preslav.

Editorial Boards
  • Member of the editorial board of “Pliska – Preslav”;
  • Member of the editorial board of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology”;
  • Member of the editorial board of “Bulletin du Musée National de Varna”;
  • Member of the editorial board of “Acta Musei Varnaensis” XIII.
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