Peter Dimitrov archaeologist and head of archaeopreslav standing on natural green background

Perhaps it will be enough to say that the study of the early medieval Bulgarian capitals is a dream of everyone tempted by the archeology of the early Middle Ages. And among them Veliki Preslav stands out as the apogee of the phenomenon, which science calls Old Bulgarian culture, the Capital of the Bulgarian Golden Age, which contains and jealously guards a huge amount of information about its past. Therefore, when (being still a young scientist) I received, quite unexpectedly, the rare opportunity to research and work here, I did not hesitate to make this dream come true. An opportunity for which I will always be grateful to my teachers Dr. I. Shtereva and Dr. M. Vaklinova.

D-r Peter Dimitrov

D-r Peter Dimitrov acquired a master’s degree in the field of Archaeology at New Bulgarian University in 2001. In 2012, he defended his doctoral thesis: “Veliki Preslav. Historical topography up to the 14th century (according to archaeological data)” at National Archaeological Institute with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He Currently works as Chief Assistant in Department “Medieval Archaeology” at NAIM – BAS.

Scientific interests
  • Early medieval History and Archaeology; 
  • Early medieval urban planning and architecture;
  • History and Archaeology of the First Bulgarian Kingdom;
  • Archaeology of the old Bulgarian capitals Pliska, Veliki Preslav and their surroundings;
  • Technologies for the production of household ceramics in the past;
  • Archaeomagnetism of burnt clay archaeological structures.
Field Experiences

Member of regular excavations in the first Bulgarian capital Pliska, fortresses in the eastern Rhodopes, as well as in various rescue studies related to the construction of elements of the state infrastructure – highways, metro stations, gas pipelines etc. 

In 2003 he joined one of the archaeological team of Veliki Preslav. 

Since 2014 is the Scientific Director of the excavations of the site “Ruler’s Church – Necropolis” in Veliki Preslav and Current Coordinator of the archaeological excavations at the National Historical and Archeological Reserve “Veliki Preslav”.

Editorial Boards
  • Member of the editorial board of “Archaeological discoveries and excavations”;
  • Member of the editorial board of “Archaeological excavations and Research”;
  • Member of the editorial board of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology”.
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